Overseas Office

11 countries and regions, network spanning 16 cities

Become a center member that becomes the pioneer of Asian foray, spread in each region, bureau of the current 12 exists.
Markets and in each region, I have played an important role in hear the voices.

Cambodia Asia Leaders Association
Chairman Sonatra Group CEO Oknha Sorn Sokna
Vice Chairman NEXASIA CAPITAL CEO Nagata Tetsuji
Exective Director JC Group CEO Ko Honam
Korea Branch
Branch Manager Shin Kwang C&T Co.,Ltd CEO Lee Juil
Secretary KDOT Co.,Ltd CEO Park Jin-han
China Shanghai Branch
Branch Manager MYTS GROUP CEO Hiroyoshi Ikeda
Chaina Hong Kong Branch
Branch Manager Hopewill Group(Holdings)Ltd. CEO Akinori Hori
Vice Manager Union Plan Limited CEO Kouichi Imoto
Taiwan Branch
Branch Manager Sun Sea Marketing Co., Ltd. CEO Eric Lee
Vice Manager TJ Mediawave Corporation CEO Kosuke Akiyama
Vice Manager Oranging Inc General Manager of Development Department Yuka Amimoto
Philippines Cebu Branch
Branch Manager Cyber Tech Co.,Ltd CEO Kenji Hashimoto
Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City Branch
Branch Manager (M&A Vietnam Investment Consulting Inc.) CEO Naoki Ishikawa
Branch Manager (M&A Vietnam Investment Consulting Inc.) Wendy (Huynh Thi Thu Oanh)
Vietnam Hanoi City Branch
Branch Manager AIC Vietnam Co.Ltd. General Director Takehisa Saito
Singapore Branch
Branch Manager Comm PTE LTD CEO Mikiko Mori
Malaysia Branch
Branch Manager ROI Co.,Ltd CEO Ryotaro Eshima
Thai Branch
Branch Manager Advanced Management Japan Co.Ltd CEO Tomoharu Uchida
Vice Manager SANSENDO Co.,Ltd CEO Masatsugu Miawa
Vice Manager Tensui Thailand Co.,Ltd CEO Yasuyuki Fujii
Vice Manager DYM Thailand Co.,Ltd Managing Director Hitoro Ohnishi
Indonesia Branch
Branch Manager PT.JMAX Indonesia CEO Prieka Khusnul Khatima
Vice Manager KEITA Pte Ltd CEO Keiata Miyamoto
Myanmar Branch
Branch Manager Alpha Info-Tech Co.,Ltd. Mandalay CEO Ye Myat Thu
Vice Manager Cast Group CEO Tatsuo Murao
Vice Manager MORI'S Co.Ltd. CEO Takahito Mori
Secretary Cast Consulting (Myanmar) Co.,Ltd General Manager Shwe Witt Yee
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