Asia Leaders Association

Out Line

Name: Asia Leaders Association
Founded: September 2008
Membership: 609companies (as of Feb, 2013)

Intent of Founding

With the progress of information technology and the increased convenience of overseas travel, the economic and business point of view has shifted to a global scale.

To prepare and maintain the business environment in Japan and other Asian countries, and develop together, it is necessary for business operators to come together across borders,
and proactively engage in activities to contribute to the economy, society, and the environment.

Accordingly, the Asia Leaders Association was founded as a gathering of business operators from Japan and other Asian countries.


The purpose of the Asia Leaders Association is to assist the operators of new companies and small and medium-sized companies in Japan and the other countries of Asia to cooperate mutually on the various issues faced by each, to grow, and to expand in Japan, in Asia, and in the global economy.


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