Asia Leaders Association
Purpose of Foundation
“Bridging Japanese and other Asian business leaders”

Asia is the only region that has shown substantial growth while the world economy is becoming increasingly uncertain. It is fair to say that this is the Asian Century.
Although the average age in Asian countries is young, there are still some disadvantaged areas. Asians are filled with dreams and hope that their countries will continue to develop and that they will be able to make a better living.
In contrast, although Japan has technical and cultural strengths, the youth in Japan have lost hope for the future due to the prolonged recession and the effects of an aging population and declining birth rate.
“Asia has what Japan has lost and Japan has what the rest of Asia wants.”
As the business leaders of Japan, we can share our experience and knowledge with other Asian business leaders and vice versa, to mutually complement each other, and strive to develop together. We believe that the path for the survival of Japan is in expanding our businesses in line with the growth of all of Asia and that these efforts will ultimately lead to the development of the Asian economy as a whole.
Course of Action Towards the Realization of "One Asia"
❶ Aim is to become an “Asia Coexistence Group” that encourages Japanese and other Asian business
  leaders and businesspersons to assemble, interact, and grow together.
❷ Present the issues, regulations, laws and other matters that corporate business leaders face
  and work together to resolve these issues.
❸ Aim to develop into an Association with tens of thousands of corporate members across Asia to become an
  organization that can make political and economic recommendations.

Founder:Hideo Sawada
Born in Osaka in 1951. Founded H.I.S., a Japanese travel agency, in 1980. Currently handles the largest volume of international travels in Japan. Sales: 479.4 billion yen (2013). 173 overseas offices in 119 cities in 56 countries (as of June 2014).
Launched a hotel business.
Established Skymark Airlines in 1998, a pioneering Japanese Low Cost Carrier (LCC).
Brought about a price competition in the Japanese airline industry. In the fall of 2014, announced the launch of the first direct flight between Japan and Cambodia.
In 1999, launched a financial business. Current affiliates of Sawada Holdings include H.S. Securities, Khan Bank (Mongolia) and H.S. Insurance. In 2003, undertook business restructuring of Khan Bank, a state bank that was operating in the red. It is now the largest retail bank in Mongolia with over 500 branches throughout the country.
In 2010, undertook business restructuring of Huis Ten Bosch (Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan), a theme park which was experiencing 17 years of deficits since its opening, and successfully turned it around to record profits that same year. Financial results for FY2013 (24th term) recorded sales of 14.5 billion yen and an ordinary profit of 5.7 billion yen, the highest on record since establishment. His skills in restructuring theme parks are widely acclaimed.
He has been engaged in investment and development activities for a large number of venture companies and currently actively engages in investment activities in the ASEAN region.
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